Romula’s originals are created exclusively with her fingers and hands. Her technique enables her to mold the paint on the canvas to create her stories. Her images arise from thoughts, memories and travels. “Create what you see not what one tells you to see,” is Romula’s philosophy.

Her earliest and most powerful artistic inspiration comes from the 1974 Pompeii exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which she attended at age four. She thought that the carbonized people frozen into their last moments were sculptures, and even then, she felt that she wanted to help them. She began expressing herself by sculpting figures out of clay.

Romula is passionate about having her work benefit disease research—her “Shades of Amber” was displayed and auctioned at the Spoonful of Ginger benefit for the Joslin Diabetes Center at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in March 2012. Proceeds from her exhibition at Jar Home in Weston benefited the Psoriasis Foundation.

Romula’s work creates conversation; her style and talent is unparalleled. Romula’s art is appreciated by collectors, aspiring artists, and patrons of the arts. Romula’s creations compliment the many eras of art, and her imagination and creativity make her one of the most promising artists of the 21st century.